Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sole Struck - ALL CAPS

Sole Struck is my favorite site for new shoe brands that I've never heard of before. Whenever I think I have seen the craziest new shoes they always find something new to stretch my imagination. ALL CAPS is making my first day of October with these fall goodies! This Portugal based brand has stolen my heart. The DAHLIA wedge in red & yellow

 I'm so excited that its October! I love when the leaves begin to change and it gets really crisp outside. Not to mention that my birthday is less than two months away :-)
 What do you like best about the fall?



  1. I love those shoes! I want a pair sooo badly! lol

    thanks for the blog award <3


  2. Love those wedges!:)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!


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