Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fresh Nails

With my broken leg I've got all kinds of free time so I painted my nails again this evening while Benny was out shredding. I choose OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Sinful Colors 24/7, and OPI Top Coat. I love the neon pink it's one of my favorite colors from this summer and I can't resist putting it on again!

My mom is coming into the city in the morning to take me to my doctors appointment so I can get my stitches removed. I'm so excited to get on to the next step of healing. I am going to start my physical therapy next week, and I'm hoping to walk again ASAP!

(also forgive me for the rough look of this post, it's via the Blogger app for the iPhone and I can't figure out how to format the post the way I usually do)



  1. i love neon shades, i can't keep myself away from them! hope your healing goes quickly <3


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