Friday, September 16, 2011

Outfit #2

Reverse Leo Tail Tee

Blank NYC Runyon Leather Shorts - Black

Cleo Beaded Necklace

Thunderbird Wrap Ring


Luichiny Angel Lina Red Peep Toe Super Wedges

I quick word on these outfit posts I've started doing -- I would be over joyed to be able to post pictures of myself in these amazing outfits, but unfortunately I'm not a gal with that kind of cash flow, or at least not yet! I would also make them into some kind of creative collage but I'm no good with that type of computer business and I'd really rather treat this as more of an online wardrobe than an arts and crafts project. These clothes inspire me to always have fun with fashion and for me that's where the creativity comes in. I really hope you like what you see! (And come back for more!!)


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